Health Coach Academy: Secret to Sales: Are You a Cost or an...

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Now – this podcast is something totally different than what I’ve talked about before in other podcasts (and not just because my microphone makes me sound like my voice is 2x deeper than usual ­čśé).


I got the chance to talk about my first love: sales. AND, I was able to frame it from the perspective of a health coach, to help health coaches sell to more customers.

This is definitely a different type of podcast interview, so if you're struggling to sell, or struggling to close, OR just genuinely curious - give it a listen.


ACTION advertising AGENCY

On this FB Live, Chris Patterson [CEO of Interchanges] and I are going to talk about the Fyre Festival documentary, and share our insights and thoughts on Billy McFarland and the entire disastrous group involved. Come and engage with us!

ACTION advertising AGENCY

While other advertisers focus on cost per lead, Casey focuses on something totally...