Action Advertising Agency: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Small Business Facebook Advertising | Casey Carroll

I had the pleasure of speaking with Pablo Fuentes – CEO of Proven.com – yesterday on his podcast, “Small Business War Stories.”

We discuss a whole host of topics:

– How you know when it’s the right time to start advertising on Facebook (it’s not when you think)

– The importance of starting any advertising strategy with a SMART goal

– 6 practical steps to follow if you want to start running ads on your own


… and a whole host of other tactical strategies! (Side note – if you’re looking to hire employees for your company, check out www.Proven.com.


ACTION advertising AGENCY

On this FB Live, Chris Patterson [CEO of Interchanges] and I are going to talk about the Fyre Festival documentary, and share our insights and thoughts on Billy McFarland and the entire disastrous group involved. Come and engage with us!

ACTION advertising AGENCY

While other advertisers focus on cost per lead, Casey focuses on something totally...