Video Testimonial with Dr. Jeff Brown of Foundation Chiropractic.

In this video, Dr. Jeff Brown with Foundation Chiropractic in Orem, Utah shares his testimonial after working with me for nearly 3 months now. In this time frame, he is seeing nearly double the number of new patients every week after working with me!

(DISCLAIMER: I believe in being 1,000% transparent and open with you. After we filmed this, the next day Dr. Brown and I did a much deeper dive into his numbers and noticed that we needed to improve and work on some aspects that were less favorable than this testimonial video originally mentioned… Which brings me to a very important point… cheap leads don’t mean anything. Conversions are the only thing that matters.

We realized that the number of patients who came in from the ad was much less than what we need to see, so I will be setting a training call with his front office to train them on expectations with Facebook leads, and best practices in increasing the number of scheduled appointments.

Dr. Brown and I will also be scheduling a weekly call moving forward to go over his numbers and issues, and make corrections/additional training as needed to correct these issues sooner, rather than later.

Facebook advertising is not a magic pill, and for the majority of my clients, running ads can sometimes actually expose organizational issues that need to be solved/addressed. That is precisely why only 50% of my time is spent on running ad campaigns, and the other 50% is working on coaching through conversions consulting, and training staff on proper calling/expectations).


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