Dr. Lamm With Bodyworks Boise Has His Highest Visits Per Week EVER In Just The First Month!

Dr. Lamm with BodyWorks has been in practice for 9 years.

In just the first month working with us – he hit his highest visits per week EVER! Can you imagine how he feels? (hint: he’s ecstatic!)

He’s done it all with marketing – events, screenings, online marketing… you name it, he’s tried it.

And yet, with all that other marketing activity, he struggled to hit 100 visits per week more than twice in the last 9 years.

In fact, the month before we started working together, he had 7 total new patients (his average month was 9-10).

The first month we worked together – 38! The most he’s ever had!

And all of these new patients all came to him – he didn’t have to send his staff to events or screenings to do this.

AND – he now has confidence that he can finally hit his 9-year goal of 200 visits per week without having to spend his weekends going to events and screenings, and instead can spend that time with his family.

In fact, we’re probably going to hit that goal in the next 3 months 

Watch his story, and let me know what you think!

 — with Parker Lamm.




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