Dr. Ben Bowles: 3.5 Year Testimonial Video

We’ve been working with Dr. Ben Bowles with Bowles Family Chiropractic in Roswell, New Mexico for over 3.5 years now. 


He says that his marketing investment with us has been worth “over 10 times more than what he paid,” and refers to us as the “golden egg” that took him 18 years to find – and wished he found us sooner. 


Wow – those are some strong words! 


In fact, each month he has to tell us to pause our ads in just the first 2-3 days of running them because he usually already has booked 20 new patients in just those 2-3 days, and can’t handle any more volume. 


Imagine hitting your new patient goal volume in just 2-3 days each month, consistently, on near-autopilot, like clockwork. 


Dr. Bowles has also “been there, done that,” and had a 600+ visit per week practice in Albuquerque New Mexico that he sold, so he could move to Roswell and run a smaller practice and enjoy a higher quality of life. 


Our goal isn’t always to explode a practice with new patients. Sometimes, our goal is just to provide reliable consistency, and to maintain numbers without adding too much (or too little) – which is exactly what Dr. Bowles wanted. 


Click on the video to watch his story!


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Dr. David Sedghi - From 60 to 200+ Visits Per Week In Just 4 Months

When Dr. David Sedghi, DC and I first spoke together, he was 3-4 months away from buying his practice. At the time, his goal was to hit 100-200 visits per week within the next 12 months, and the practice he was buying averaged about 60 visits per week at the time.
Dr David Sedghi from 60 to 200 visits per week in just 4 months

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Dr. Ryan Warren - From 250 to 380 Visits Per Week In 2 Months

Dr. Ryan Warren with Warren Family Chiropractic had hired 3 other Ad Agencies over the past few years, and no matter which agency he hired, he could never get past 250 to 300 visits per week.
Dr Ryan Warren from 250 to 380 visits per week in 2 months

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