Dave Feyerabend's (Renuva Back & Pain Centers) Testimonial in his 2.5 Years with ActionAd Agency

Can you imagine spending over $1 million with a dozen different ad agencies over 5 years, and not making a profit from it?

That’s exactly what happened with the CEO of Renuva Back and Pain Centers, Dave Feyerabend.


That is until we started working together over 2.5 years ago…


Renuva has 4 different locations in different cities, and traditionally they have thrived on Newspaper ads to generate enough cash-based patients for their exclusive treatment program that uses Spinal Decompression and Cold Laser Therapy to treat patients.


So why did we succeed when so many others failed? In short – we had to completely go “against the grain” in how we approached the patient acquisition process:

  • We added a lot of friction to the advertising process (which quadrupled the cost per lead), but they also closed more patients and had a higher ROI – so we focused entirely on cost per acquisition instead of cost per lead. 
  • We had to change the scripting in their call center and did training around how to handle leads differently for digital. 
  • We spent a lot of time analyzing no-shows and cancels, and built an effective system to decrease no-shows company-wide. 
  • We used offline event data to measure where his leads were actually coming from and used UTM parameters to improve lead source tracking accuracy

… I could probably go on all day about the things we’ve worked on together for over 2.5 years with their 4 locations.


We are honored to be able to help Renuva run profitable digital advertising campaigns when others have failed before!


Renuva Back & Pain Centers 2.5 Year Testimonial Video


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