Dr. Tim Yoder: 2-Year Testimonial

Let’s talk some numbers about where his practice was before working with me, versus now:


  • November 2016: 250-275 visits per week & $40-50k in monthly collections
  • November 2018: 600-650 visits per week & $120k in monthly collections



Here’s the craziest part:


Dr. Yoder does LESS other marketing that he used to do before (like events & screenings), and yet his business has TRIPLED because of our digital marketing efforts.


In this video, Dr. Yoder shares with you:


  • How he broke his hand and shoulder 4 months ago due to a motorcycle accident, but his business and numbers stayed consistent because of the digital ads we’re running for him… even though he was physically unable to adjust anyone, or do events or screenings (around 1:57)
  • How he has become a “local celebrity” when he goes out in public – people approach him all the time at restaurants, or when he’s at the store, and he’s recognized because of his consistent digital video ads that we run for him (around 5:17)
  • How he gets a consistent and steady stream of PI patients from our digital ads, even though our ads are general offer-based ads and not PI campaigns (around 6:10)
  • What his monthly collections look like now versus before working with us (around 7:28)
  • How he does less of the time-intensive marketing that he used to do before (like screenings and events), but tripled his practice because of our digital marketing efforts (around 8:34)
  • How working with Action Ad Agency has given Dr. Yoder more time with his family & more income, and allowed him to create a streamlined high-volume practice, and he recommends other Chiropractors to work with us too (around 10:27)


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