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In an sea of advertisers focusing on “cheap” leads, impressions, and awareness campaigns, we go against the norm by focusing on just two things: cost per acquisition, and return on ad spend. After all, the most important result your business should expect from your advertising investment is profit – and many other agencies fail to deliver on this simple promise because they focus on the wrong things.

We are singularly focused on delivering value based on your definition, not ours. We treat your advertising budget as if it was coming from our own pockets. And we will help you earn more for every dollar invested in advertising with us.

Our Services

Rather than trying to be a “jack of all trades” ad agency, we prefer to be really really good at a few things.

Paid Facebook™

We’re certified Facebook™ ninjas, and can produce advertising ROI faster than you can say, “what’s a pixel?”

Paid Instagram™

Thought Instagram™ was just for pics of food and photo shopped images? Think again. We have a strategy to get you #ROI faster than you can say “Avocado Toast.”

Sales & Conversion

Struggling to convert leads from digital & analog advertising sources? Looking to increase any measurable sales element of your business? I’ve got a system and process for that.


Depends. Your future customers nowadays have a lot of tools at their disposal to decide on who they choose to do business with. In some markets, you can get away with leading with direct response advertising, while in other markets you need to build awareness first (aka: know, like, trust) before you can ask for a sale. How your current sales process is set up also has a massive impact too.

Digital Advertising trends change just about as often as the weather does. There are constant forces (competitiveness of the ad auction in any given market, Terms of Service changes, and new tools) changing the landscape every day. What worked yesterday won’t work tomorrow.

Remember the days of running ads in the newspaper, while sending out mailers, and possibly running radio ads too? The only way you can track ROI is by seeing how many calls went to a specific call tracking number – and if the messaging was off, you wouldn’t know until weeks (or even months) later.

Digital advertising is different. We can automate EVERYTHING – from lead capture, to multi-step text messaging sequences, to automated email marketing, and to also input a lead directly into your CRM system (or if you don’t have a CRM system – a Google sheet). Now the only manual step you need to take for customer acquisition and outreach is to just call back the leads that come to you automatically. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Our Case Studies

Our clients are the real heroes. Here are some of their stories.

ACTION advertising AGENCY

Dr. Bryen Bell: Hit New Records In His Practice

His visits per week have hit new records, and they're higher than they've ever been before the pandemic...

ACTION advertising AGENCY

Dr. Ben Bowles: 3.5 Year Testimonial Video

Imagine hitting your new patient goal volume in just 2-3 days each month, consistently, on near-autopilot, like clockwork.

ACTION advertising AGENCY

Dr. Kyle LeDuc: From 85 to 234 Visits Per Week In 9 Months

Dr. Kyle LeDuc with Health Connection Family Chiropractic in Minnetonka, Minnesota has seen some insane growth in the first 9 months working with us!

ACTION advertising AGENCY

Dr. Matt Zager: From 65 to 110+ Visits Per Week In 2 Months

After going through our tools and implementing what he learned in our system, he also doubled his close rate on cold traffic patients from Facebook leads - from 30.77%, to 55%, in just one month!

ACTION advertising AGENCY

Dr. Diego Bignone: From 0 to 200 Visits Per Week In 6 Months

He already outgrew the office he was sharing with a different doc, and is about to move into a new office 2-3 miles away with 2x more space than his current one.

ACTION advertising AGENCY

Dr. Nate and Kelsey Andersen: From 0 to 146 Visits Per Week In 6 Months

Despite the odds that were against them, they went from 0 to 146 patient visits per week in just 6 months!

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30 minute strategy session

30 Minute Strategy Session - we will take a deep dive into your business to see if we are a good fit for each other. If we have extra time during the call, I will show you some live ad accounts and strategies I use to help other businesses within your same niche.